Dickens Heath Community Primary School

Enabling every child to be the best version of themselves


We value and encourage and high attendance and punctuality.  We aim for an attendance figure of 97%+ for our pupils.


Please refer to our Attendance policy for further detail:

Attendance Management in School

The attendance process is managed in school by Miss Hull - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Workman - Office Manager and Miss Haynes - Office Assistant. 


Miss Haynes is responsible for recording attendance and absence for all children. Absence should be reported via the school absence line before 9am on the day of absence. Miss Haynes also follows up missing marks and makes phone calls to parents/carers. Miss Haynes is managed by Mrs Workman.


On a daily basis, Miss Hull checks attendance with the Miss Haynes and Mrs Workman and directs any necessary actions.


Miss Hull, Mrs Workman and Miss Haynes review attendance and punctuality twice per half term and carry out the necessary actions to ensure attendance targets are met. 


Mrs Nicholls as Head teacher oversees all aspects of attendance and has monthly attendance meetings with Miss Hull and follow up meetings with Mrs Workman. Letters to parents relating to matters of attendance are issued accordingly. Whole school termly attendance data is shared with the Governing Board. 


Dickens Heath Community Primary School accesses the services of CSAWS Educational Welfare Services for advice and provide additional support and services when required.