Dickens Heath Community Primary School

Enabling every child to be the best version of themselves

Staff roles

Senior Leadership team

Additional school roles:


Mrs Carabine - SENDCo

Miss Hull - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Workman - School Business Manager

Mrs Wild - Family Support Lead

Mr Staite - Wider Opportunities Lead

Mrs Campbell - Maths Lead

Mrs Harrodine - English Lead




FS1/Nursery - Mrs Staite

Wraparound: Mrs McCormack

FS2 - Mrs Roberts, Mrs Griffin-Webb, Mrs Carabine and Mrs Brown

Year 1 - Mrs Campbell and Mrs Derrick

Year 2 - Mrs Sutton, Miss Parsons and Mrs Chunsi

Year 3 - Mrs Atkinson and Mr Staite

Year 4 - Ms Burrows, Miss Hull and Mrs Allen

Year 5 - Miss Andrew, Mrs Shepherd and Mrs McInnes

Year 6 - Mrs Hardisty, Mrs Harrodine and Mrs Swindell

Willows - Mrs Coleman, Miss Chambers and Miss Holden


Teaching and Learning Support Team:


Foundation Stage: Mrs McCormack, Miss New, Miss Yasin, Miss Griffiths, Mr Hooton, Mrs

Windeatt, Mrs Logan, Mrs Perks, Mrs Newey


KS1: Mrs Osborne, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Tole, Mrs Currier, Mrs Goldman, Mrs Gray, Miss Butwell, Miss Goldman, Mrs Thomas, Miss Rupp, Miss Jones, Mrs Flanagan, Mr Bartlam


LKS2: Mrs Moore, Miss Parchment, Miss Coombes, Mrs Hall, Mrs Toledano, Mrs Naveed, Mrs Butler


UKS2: Mrs Maddock, Mrs Saranathan, Miss Fannon, Mrs Tamin


Willows: Miss Thompson, Mrs Butler, Mrs Smith


Office Team:


Mrs Workman, Mrs Healy, Miss Haynes, Miss Cordrey


Site Officer:


Mr McEvoy