Dickens Heath Community Primary School

Enabling every child to be the best version of themselves

How are SEND children included to access extra-curricular activities, before and after school childcare and off-site trips?

We strive to provide an inclusive education for all of our children at Dickens Heath across all aspects of school life, prioritising that we can ensure all children are kept safe. 


Reasonable adjustments are made to support participation for children in extra curricular clubs and a range of inclusive sports sessions are provided throughout the year. Pupil information is shared with staff running clubs to ensure everyone has knowledge to support individual pupil needs. 


Children with a range of needs have participated in our school choirs and brass bands, performing at large venues to many people.


Children are able to participate in a range of educational visits, which are carefully planned by staff to enhance their learning. Every possible effort is made to ensure trips and visits are accessible to every child. 


Risk assessments are carried out for each visit and appropriate numbers of adults are made available to accompany the children including 1:1 support if necessary. Where required individual pupil risk assessments will be completed.