Dickens Heath Community Primary School

Enabling every child to be the best version of themselves


Parent testimonials


"The Willows is amazing, with exceptional staff that combines expertise with compassion. My son has been thriving academically, socially, and emotionally in this wonderful environment that they have created. The calm and sensory-friendly setting of the school is fantastic for children to learn and grow.  I wish that every school could have a Willows!!  I feel grateful that my son is a part of this amazing community."



“Callum has come on in leaps and bounds since starting in The Willows in September. He is like a different child. He is so much happier and more independent.”


“Sam has benefited massively from the specially tailored curriculum provided in The Willows. The staff are fantastic and have equipped him with skills he needs to manage his feelings successfully. During his time at The Willows he has really developed socially and emotionally. I’m so grateful for all the support we have received as a family in meeting Sam’s needs.”


With compassion, understanding and patience, the Willows provides a safe and stimulating learning environment where children can feel valued and nurtured.

Individual needs are not only met, but appreciated and understood by teaching staff so that children reach their potential, celebrate their success and feel welcomed into their school family.

The Willows has allowed my daughter to explore her learning in a personalised and flexible way and she has met with nothing but kindness, care and understanding in doing so.  We feel so happy and confident while she is at school in The Willows, because she is so happy and confident while at The Willows!



We have seen such positive changes in William since he has been at Dickens Heath.  He is happier at school than we have ever seen him. The teaching staff have really helped him to see that he can achieve and we have seen him grow in confidence as a result.


Since my son Taylor has attended the ARP, I can see a massive improvement in his reading especially and his writing and behaviour.  Taylor is a lot happier; he loves school and loves all the amazing teachers there that have really helped him.

All the strategies the staff use to support him have really worked. I really can’t thank them enough!





Pupil testimonials

It’s a good school, other schools should come and see how good it is. I like the farm. I feel good and I like going in The Willows and my year 5 class.


It’s the best school in The Willows. The teachers really help me do well. They make me feel welcome and happy and make good choices. I am doing good with my learning.


School is fun. The teachers look after me and help me. I like going in the sensory room to have time to myself and calm time.


When I grow up I want to work in this school and help autistic children like me, so they can learn and grow like I have.