Dickens Heath Community Primary School

Enabling every child to be the best version of themselves

Character development

Character education contributes to the duty to promote SMSC.  We have an important role in the fostering of good mental wellbeing (wellness) amongst our pupils so that they can fulfil their potential at school and be well prepared for an ever-changing world and adult life. With clear expectations on behaviour and with well-planned provision for character and personal development can help promote good mental wellbeing.  Our PSHE framework, Jigsaws, plays a crucial role in character education and development as its focus is on the personal, social, emotional health education, alongside the explicit teaching and development of character traits (character education).


We promote this through our REACH drivers:


•        R - teaching responsibility and resilience;

•        E - nurturing emotional intelligence;

•        A - encouraging ambition and achievement;

•        C -promoting creativity and a love of knowledge

•        H -celebrating hard work and kindness. 


and through recognition and celebration of individual, personal growth in character strengths as seen on our 'values in action character strengths:'