Dickens Heath Community Primary School

Enabling every child to be the best version of themselves

How do school prepare children with SEND to access the next stage of their educational journey?

Transitions and ‘moving on’ can impact significantly on a pupil’s well-being and anxiety and we take every opportunity to ensure smooth transitions in order to ensure children are happy and confident and to promote emotional security.


The information shared between teachers, the new schools can aid the transition by providing a background about the child, medical, and family history and specific information around a child’s individual needs and provision required, including assessment judgements and knowledge of the children's prior learning strengths and difficulties.

 Information shared may include:

  • Children's books and written work
  • Teacher's observations and records
  • Summary of children's attitude to work and knowledge of their abilities with social interaction and emotional regulation  
  • Family information relevant to school
  • Groups for literacy/maths/reading
  • Data overview


We will make sure all information and records about your child will be passed on as soon as possible.


Prior to any new transition we will employ a range of strategies to promote a smooth transition and reduce and worries and anxieties. These may include:

    • A visit or tour of the new classroom or school to become familiar with the new environment.
    • Moving up day/sessions, where pupils will meet their new teacher or visit their new school, additional sessions will be arranged based on the individual pupil’s needs.
    • Meetings between parents, school staff and any external professionals where appropriate to passport key information and documents.
    • Personalised information and photo booklet for parents and pupils to provide pictures and to answer any potential questions where possible.